Day into night
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Sizes 34 to 48 - English
A reversible top that works day and night! A draped crossover top with a low-cut neckline and tight-fitting long sleeves.
Day: a modest version, with the neckline to the front, layered for a chic or casual look.
Night: turn it around for a very feminine dressy version; layer it or show some skin!
Sewn in stretchy fabric with a regular sewing machine
Difficulty : ♥♡♡ (Quick and easy to put together)

Eight sizes to choose : from 34 to 48. The pattern is ready to cut, ready to sew. Seam allowances are included.
Recommended fabric: Day into NIGHT should be made in a stretch knit.
You will need 150cm x140cm of fabric at most.
Patterns available as a downloadable PDF file only.
Fabric used: Lurex knit - Coupons de Saint-Pierre

Vanessa Pouzet addict examples :

Reviews 3

  • Sew4my3 reviewed 8 years ago

    Vanessa, I did get your message and will be happy to share my completed top with you. This is a simply lovely design and I look forward to making it. 

  • Stephanie reviewed 8 years ago

    I want your back "necklace" where i can find one?  :)

    Vanessa Pouzet replied 8 years ago

    Hi, I found it at H&M Paris


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