Classic, feminine and easy to wear, the Camí dress is perfect all year round. Version A has short sleeves and version B has 3/4 sleeves with cuffs.

The bodice is fitted with front and back waist darts. For a retro style, the full skirt is gathered and has inseam pockets. The dress is high-waisted and has full skirt for a typical ’50s silhouette.

With its classic shirt collar, the Camí dress buttons on the front bodice from the waist up and has a side zipper for comfort.

Sizes 34 to 44.

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  • Lisa reviewed 8 years ago

    This dress made me feel classy and feminine, even though that really isn't my style! The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. And I think the design choices and their accompanying techniques are just really well balanced. Buttonholes - but not too many, a shirt collar - but simple cuffs, a fitted bodice - but an easy skirt. I loved making this and I love how I look in it! 


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