Baby Blue sweater
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This cozy drop sleeve sweater is great as a transitional piece to take you right the way from winter to spring. The combination of an oversized body and slim sleeves makes this feel easy to wear whilst not looking swamped. It can be worn as easily over a t-shirt as a heavy layer deep winter outfit making it a great all rounder and wardrobe staple!

Size: S (M, L). 
To fit: US size 4 (6, 8) / UK size 8 (10, 12).
Bust size approx. 32 (34, 36) ins / 81 (86, 91) cm.

Finished circumference: 44 (45.5, 47) ins / 110 (114, 118) cm.
Finished length: 21 (22, 23) ins / 53 (56, 58 ) cm.

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  • consuelo reviewed 5 years ago

    what needle and yarn you need for the sweater?

  • Lisa, Head Over Heels reviewed 8 years ago

    Great sweater!  What yarn did you use

    KikuKnits replied 8 years ago

    Thanks Lisa, This is made from Sublime - Organic merino wool DK, a beautifully soft yarn.

    Lisa, Head Over Heels replied 8 years ago

    I've used it too. I love it!

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