September Tunic from Perfect Pattern Parcel #2
by Kate Follow

I have only been sewing for two weeks. I have wanted to make things myself for a long time, so I bought a second hand Janome and thought I'd teach myself!

I found the webpage 'Perfect Pattern Parcel' via Instagram and I decided to purchase the #2 package.

I had previously picked up some cheap bits and pieces of fabric from op shops to practice with. 

I had planned on making the whole tunic with the thick purple fabric (shown on the bodice), however I made a mistake while cutting the pattern and I eneded up not having enough.

I had to improvise! I wanted to make this tunic for my daughter so badly!

I decided I'd make the bodice with the thicker fabric, then use this thin, flowy fabric for the sleeves and skirt.

It took me 3 days to complete... I did things that I never thought I'd be abe to do... I made button holes! I made the fabric gathered! I had never heard of 'bias' so I had to make my own!

I am over the moon at how it turned out. I'm so proud that I actually made this!  

It isn't perfect, but it has given me a huge amount of confidence to keep on sewing and not give up.

Thank you Perfect Pattern Parcel for the great package. I look forward to seeing what else I can create in the future.


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  • Sophie Crespy commented 8 years ago

    you can really be proud of yourself!! This is fabulous! and what an achievement! I am so glad you discoverd the joy of sewing!! welcome!!:=)

    Kate replied 8 years ago

    Hi Sophie! Thank you so much for the kind comment! It certainly isn't perfect, but for a total newbie, I'm pretty happy with it :-D 


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