Seaside Hanami Dress
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Ellie is my nature girl, being born on Earth Day. Her birthday is next Tuesday, eek! She’s turning 5, and I was going to have this be a birthday dress, but preschool picture day came up instead. I picked up the Perfect Pattern Parcel last week during Kids Clothes Week. My little one immediately gravitated toward the pictures of the Hanami Dress by Straight Grain, so that’s what I sewed up first!

​This was inspired by this fabric that for no good reason reminds me of seahorses. I confirmed with my animal lover that this would be an acceptable addition. My girl also requested a pocket. And for the seahorse to be in the middle. And I thought I’d do ties instead of buttons. Not because I have buttonfear, just wanted a change up to accent the cross back design. If I were to do it over again, I’d make the ties a little less chunky. Maybe I’d cut them at 1 1/2″ instead of 2″. I placed them in the outer side and the left wrapping flap, just at the same place as the buttons are on the pattern. On the inside flap, I sewed a little loop of elastic at the inside left side seam and two small plain buttons on the right wrapping back flap. They keep the inside neatly wrapped inside.

​I got the Hanami dress all done Wednesday night and showed it to her in the morning, and she tells me she wanted the seahorse smack in the middle. Like of the bodice. Ah well, I talked her into trying it on anyway, and it’s what she’s wore for preschool pictures today. She doesn’t look as bothered by it as she meant to be. Now she says it's her picture dress and Easter dress and birthday dress, and apparently the moms at preschool asked where they could get one too!



  • Here's my little seahorse guy, with stitching nearly invisible to anyone that isn't right on top of it.

    8 years ago

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