The "One Dress" (Convertible dress)
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I just love clothes that work hard for me!
I got the idea from this Youtube video:

This dress is so easy to make: there is only one pattern piece, that is cut twice (back and front are identical). No zipper, no elastic, no buttons.

It can be tied in a number of ways – fitted or loose.
It can take you from morning at the office, to a stroll on the beach, and even a night out.
Made in light-weight jersey, it makes an excellent travel piece.

For more photos see here


Prepare your paper pattern

The sketch provides a recipe for you to create according to your own measurements.
You need to take only 3 measurements:

Your hip circumference – this will determine the width at the shoulders and the width at the widest point (mine is 94cm, so the width at the shoulders for me is 47cm) .
A – Measure from your shoulder to your waist (for me this is 46cm).
B – Measure from your waist down to the desired length (for me it was 54cm).
Note that the dress rides up a bit when tied, so take some extra length. You can always hem it later.

Cutting the fabric

Cut your pattern twice. Add 2cm for allowance.
Cut 2 strips for the ties, each 100cm long and 10cm wide.


1. Make ties: fold each strip lengthwise, right sides facing. Sew.
Turn tube inside-out. Press so that the seam is centered.

2. Sew shoulders (Mine was 10cm each, and the opening for the neck was 27cm).
After slipping it on I decided to round the neck opening a bit (the sketch does not show it).

3. Measure your underarm opening (mine was 20cm). Pin.
Sew from the underarm, down to the widest point.

4. Insert ties: place them at the widest point (the long edge of the tie facing the inside of the dress). Pin.
Pin also the bottom point, at the hem. and pin as well.
Sew from the widest point, going back and forth over the ties, until your next pin.
Do the same for both sides.

5. Finish arm openings, neck opening and hem.

Discussion 4

  • Cath commented 7 years ago

    Absolutely Love this! 

    I'll be making one as soon as I can! 

    What kind of fabric did You use? 

    Great work on your behalf! 

    Red-lia replied 7 years ago

    Thank you! 

    Any light-weight fabric with a good drape will do. It would probably be good if it does not wrinkle to easily. I used jersey.
  • TheMissLinds commented 9 years ago

    very cool, love the drape on the skirt! 

  • Gini Lenning commented 9 years ago

    I love this! Thanks for the instructions, I have some jersey just waiting for a project so I think I'll give it a try. I really love the versatility of this design.

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