Merino Plantain
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I'm still on my merino streak, with piece #4 for my stash (only 1 left!). This time I made a simple top for myself, using Deer&Doe's free Plantain pattern. The shirt came together really easily, nothing complicated about the construction. I added bands at the wrist for a gather effect, and I also used stay tape on the hem to prevent it from twisting and turning. I really like this simple, yet warm top.


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  • Mari commented 5 years ago

    Can you share info about the fabric you used.  It looks perfect!

    Petite Josette replied 5 years ago

    Hi Mari

    my fabric is a medium-light weight jersey knit made of 100% merino. I purchased it from an online store "New Zealand Merino and Fabric". you can see the link to their store in the "supplies" portion. They don't seem to have that specific fabric anymore, but I linked to a similar weight fabric, and their selection seem to have a good turn over. Merino is very warm and breathable, it's great for mid-layers and I've also made a hoodie for running with a different piece (see my active wear 3-piece set), and you can wash it with regular loads, it doesn't felt or shrink. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

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