The Melody Of A Fallen Tree
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♫ ♪ The Melody Of A Fallen Tree

The whole idea started when I bought this brownish fabric.. I thought that my sister would like that color, and it was time for a new experiment with lace insertion.. The fabric is made from woven black and orange fibers, and that gives copper-brownish as a result.. Since there was black in fabric, it was okay to use black cotton lace trim.. For the dress I combined two safe patterns that I've already used for my sister.. The bodice is pattern #133 from Burda 08/2012 (previously used for this dress), and the pleated skirt I took from a dress #124 from Burda 05/2007.. I wanted to have more freedom for paying with lace trims, and that's why I decided this time to make the pattern only on the back..

I'm happy that my sister is very pleased with the result.. The fit is perfect and she looks so lovely wearing it :) At first glance she thought that the lace pattern is on front of the bodice, but I thought that it would be too much as it's very see through.. This way the dress is appropriate for work and after work..

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