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by Tea Follow

♫ ♪ Got 2 Let U

Once again, a plaid dress.. But this time casual.. 

Pattern that I adjusted to my idea is #109 from Burda01/2014.. I wear a lot my first version of that top, in my case tunic.. Love those long sleeves.. For the dress version, I omitted the peplum/skirt part.. Before I started adding fullness to the bodice, I had only a vaguely idea how to do it.. If I didn’t stumble upon this great tutorial for Scout tee complex geometrics by Ebony, I would definitely improvise something without knowing how the result would look.. I wish I could have added more fullness, but I had only about 1.80 m of fabric and I wanted to maintain super long sleeves.. After adjusting the bodice pattern, I added the length to make it into a dress.. Very short dress.. The back part is longer than the front for about 3-5 cm.. Just for fun I added large pockets.. 

The fabric is some kind of a wool blend, and for that kind of fabric it drapes nicely.. Matching plaid went smoothly.. There’s not a lot of seams, so chances for mistakes are minimal.. The pockets are cut on bias.. There are no bust darts.. Sleeves are made from two parts, and I like how they fit.. Even on my skinny arms they don’t look too loose.. All hems are finished with bias tape and hand stitched with blind seam.. Instead of a button and a loop for closure at the back, I sewed hook and eye..   

More photos on my blog.. 

Behind the camera – my favorite sister Dina :)


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  • Lyn Groy Blair commented 7 years ago


    Gorgeous! I do sort of question the pattern alteration method used. Pivoting at the point where the shoulder and armscye seams meet would have been considerably easier, faster and more accurate than the slash and spread method.

    Tea replied 7 years ago

    maybe I'll try that method on some other project :) for now, I'm satisfied with how this looks :) thanks :)

    Lyn Groy Blair replied 7 years ago

    No doubt, it turned out beautifully regardless of the drafting method.

  • Christina Thomas commented 7 years ago

    You did a supreme job and you have wonderful seam matching abilities.

  • Nishi commented 7 years ago

    Amazing! I love the shape & fabric you used - just perfect! 

  • Olu Falola commented 7 years ago

    Totally love this. Much nicer than the pattern.

    Tea replied 7 years ago

    thank you :) this was my second use of the pattern, but both times I've adopted it to my idea.. maybe one day I'll try it without any modifications.. 

  • zoo commented 7 years ago

    really great dress!  i'm interested in your bias tape hems - might you be able to post a close-up photo?  very curious to see how that's done!

    Tea replied 7 years ago

    in my case you could see only black strap from bias tape, but for 'how to' you can look here

     there it's called 'bias bound', as it says, its good for slight curve and bulky fabrics, like this dress.. after folding the hem, instead of topstitching, I used blind stitch so everything would look neat :)
    zoo replied 7 years ago

    great info!  thanks!

    Tea replied 7 years ago

    I'm glad if I was of any help :)

  • Coco commented 7 years ago

    Tea, I love this! I got this pattern after I saw your dark blue version with the elongated bodice and peplum. And sewed it in chambray. I love tent dresses and now must adapt this pattern and copycat you once again! Thank you so much, this is wonderful. I so enjoy your creativity and love of interesting prints. Coco

    Tea replied 7 years ago

    thank you so much Coco for kind words :) go ahead and make your version :D can't wait to see it :) I'm not sure why, but wearing this dress makes me happy :) hope you will have that feeling too :) 

  • Melissa W commented 7 years ago

    I love it! It looks so comfy!

    Tea replied 7 years ago

    thanks :) right now, it's the comfiest dress in my wardrobe :)

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