DIY Garden Decoration Ideas
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It is real fun to spend some time in the outdoors, whether reading or enjoying the sunlight or having a barbecue or other good food. Even though we don’t always have ample time to make our gardening and landscaping area into something memorable, sometimes the DIY touch really pays off in the long run if we do. You can switch things around without excessive amounts of work involved, as long as you have a clear and solid idea about the look you are planning for. The following ideas are only a couple of many, many chances you can use to make your garden into something unforgettable, giving you a small glimpse into the world of potential DIY projects you can turn into an advantage for your outdoors area. Let’s get started with the first one:

Making a hanging beaded planter

Get a wire cutter, some beads and buttons and wire, as well as needle-nose pliers alongside a good container. You need to drill water holes into your chosen container for watering purposes, somewhere around the bottom of it and some around the lip so you can push the thread through. Loop the wire through the holes and twist it around to make it stronger. You will also do well to thread flair into the wire, such as beads, colorful buttons or something else that would fit the looks of your home. Make sure you thread at least three wires into a single twist and make a loop so they can hang on it. You can use this chance to get rid of any useless stuff lying around with some thorough garden junk clearance.

Making a fire pit

You will need the following supplies before you start:

Marine silicone

A number of small oval rocks

Glass frames

Metal mesh

A metal planter with an edge

Gel fuel

Once you have the supplies you will need to get on to making the glass box itself. Begin by running a line of silicone on the glass panel and then press another piece onto its siliconed edge. Follow that up by holding onto it for a few minutes or placing it in such a way as to avoid any issues. Keep working in the same way until you have a cube with a missing side. Once this is done you will need to place it on top of your metal planter, ensuring you have enough edge near the center. Cut a piece of the mesh that fits the glass box then place the gel fuel in the middle still in its can. Cover the surface of your planter with the mesh and some rocks, leaving enough space to keep the fire going by having air. Always make sure you use fuel meant for gel fireplaces and indoor fire pits if you want to make use of this. You can also use a metal planter on the bottom. The flame will last for three hours or so and you can always snuff it out by covering it. You can place it outside or inside as long as you have the space. If you don’t then simply work on clearance, specifically junk clearance and waste clearance of leaves, useless stuff simply lying around your garden space.


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