Make the Trend: Functional Upcycling
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posted 5 years ago

There's something about spring that begs for a fresh restart. Whether you're cleaning out your garage, cleaning up your craft space, or cleaning our your closet, you know that destashing can help clear your head and kickstart your creativity.

One of our favorite ways to refresh is to take a few unloved items from our closets (and beyond) and make them into something fresh and new. Turning old tees into reusable bags, crafting quilts from scraps, turning castaway pieces into cool modern furnishing. What are your favorite ways to reuse and upcycle

Turn a shower curtain into a skirt - DIY Ballroom Skirt Tutorial by Carly Cais 

Replace a handbag strap - Bag Update by TheMissLinds 

For lonely earrings - Cocktail Rings from Old Earrings by Caitlin 

A cozy tote - Upcycled Scarf to Hobo Bag by Jessica Gerblick Abbott 

Don't waist it - DIY Tailor's Measure Belt Tutorial by Sheri Pavlovi´c 

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