One of the most time consuming and elaborate pieces in my shop, the Sherpa Coat exemplifies every fiber and texture in the book. Inspired by the rugged winds and bohemian spirit of the great Sherpa – the world’s most elite and venturesome mountaineer, this coat embodies a wanderer’s heart and the spiritual, mystical power of adventure and exploration.

This is an intermediate crochet pattern and the techniques used are single crochet, half double crochet, slip stitch, bobble stitch, and loop stitch. Pattern contains detailed instructions and a photo tutorial for both bobble stitch and loop stitch, as well as instructions for two sizes.

Dimensions of finished garment:
Length: 22”/55.9cm
Width across back: 18”/45.7cm (S/M), 21”/53.3cm (M/L) 
Sleeve length: 16”/40.6cm

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