Rose Beads - a Heirloom Keepsake Tutorial Instant PDF Download
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Have you ever received roses and wished there was a way to keep them longer?
You can turn them into Rose Beads!

This a natural and sentimental hand craft that has a very long history,
with their roots stemming from rosary prayer beads.

Take those roses from your special occasion,

And commemorate them!
By turning them into beautiful and unique keepsake,
that will last for years.
Its a beautifully sentimental process that will add so much more to those fading petals significance!

Perfect for:
New Baby
Baby & Wedding Showers


These are organic, meaning they will over time breakdown.
While I've always worn mine...
If you take care to keep them in a case while not in use, and out of direct sunlight.
They will last for years.

Wearing them are my favorite way to use them, especially because your body heat will gently warm the oils in the roses, causing them to release their beautiful fragrance...
They are also great for use in art collage, and mixed media applications!

While wearing, taking care to keep them from getting wet,
And not crushing them, is advised.
As for storage, it's preferable to keep them in a covered box,
(a jewelry box is ideal)
Out of direct light.

What You'll Need:

- 5-12 Roses, any color & type
- Large Bowl
- Scissors
- Wooden Spoon
- Mortal & Pestle or a Food Processor
- Cast Iron Pan
- Straight Pins
- Tray or plate
- (Optional) Rose Absolute Oil

What You'll Get:

a Full color 7 Page Step by Step Tutorial

Instantly Downloadable after purchase

Thank You for visiting, I hope you try this beautiful project!

Many Happy Hugs & Smiles,


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