Kaishi-ire Japanese Tea Ceremony Pouch
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Kaishi-ire are used as part of the traditional
Japanese tea-ceremony.
It is used to carry the smaller items one would use as a guest.

Of course you can also use this
versatile designed
clutch for just about anything!

You can either sew this by hand or with a machine,
it’s totally up to you
For your reference, the black Kaishi-ire
with the embroidery is entirely hand sewn
& the light brown is entirely machine sewn…

Here's what you'll need to get started:
• Kaishi-ire pattern
• Marking tool; tailors chalk, marker, pencil etc..
• Large Fabric & smaller sewing scissors
• Main fabric..use anything you love!
• Lining fabric, I suggest using a contrasting color
I’m using a quilting cotton for the outer &
a lightweight linen for the lining…
• Coordinating sewing thread or embroidery thread
• Iron & ironing board
• Sewing machine or sewing needle
• Pins & pincushion
• A cup of Tea, Coffee & either a pastry or chocolate 

Please visit my Kaishi-ire tutorial 
For full instructions:


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