Eleanor boot toppers
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The boot season is here! Change the look of your footwear in an instant with those trendy boot toppers. Make them in different colors to mach your wardrobe :)

Handcrafted with 100% wool in a seamless pattern, they are designed to fit perfectly over your favorite pair of boots. Each piece, unstretched, is measuring 13.5" in circumference and 9" long (4" long when folded).

Makes a great gift! :)

My pattern contains 4 pages of detailed instructions and video link about this design. I have 7 min video blog about this pattern - Episode 5: Eleanor boot toppers: http://youtu.be/QfFSNPit-xk

Please, check my youtube channel for other tutorials and video blogs. Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOWH0hf1fFcB_nVpTrnDMXA

*Those handcrafted boot toppers are for sale! Availble in three colors - cream, ash and soft yellow * find it in my etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/209266072/handcrafted-eleanor-boot-toppers

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