Alexandria Peg Trousers & Track Shorts
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Sizes: EUR 32 – 50 (US 0 – 18 / UK 4 – 22)

The pattern includes two variations: Casual peg trousers and relaxed shorts
Both styles have an elastic waist with a drawstring closure
Loose and relaxed fit, normal rise
Four pleats at front waist
Curved front pockets – the pocket opening is partly hidden under the pleat
Patch pockets at the back
Narrow trouser legs, and an uneven dolphin hem on the shorts
Choose a light to medium weight woven or knit fabric. For example crepe, satin or other trouser fabric with drape. For a more sporty look, pick sweatshirt jersey or a similar knit. The sample trousers are made up in a Crepe de Chine (Spoonflower), and the shorts are made of sweatshirt jersey (Eurokangas).

Materials & Supplies:

Fabric for trousers: 130 – 245 cm / 1½ – 2¾ yd
Fabric for shorts: 90 – 150 cm / 1 – 1¾ yd
Pocket bag fabric: 40 cm / 16”
Fusible interfacing for trousers (waistband): 25 cm / ¼ yd
Fusible interfacing for shorts (waistband & facings): 50 cm / ½ yd
3 cm / 1¼” wide elastic: your high hip measurement
Drawstring cord: approx. 200 cm / 2 yd

Note that for patterned or napped fabrics the fabric requirement may be higher.

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  • Emerald Erin reviewed 5 years ago

    I'm already planning my second pair! These are the best :) 


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