TV Static Skater dress
by Stephanie Porter Follow

This was my first go at the Lady Skater, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  As suggested in the pattern, I whipped up a trial bodice in some scrap jersey (in a size three) and it was spot on.  I decided to cut a peplum version of the skirt so I can wear the muslin too.

This cotton knit has a polyester backing so I was pushing it a bit to meet the recommended 40% stretch, but I was drawn to the TV static pattern and the thickness of the fabric.  The result is just a firm fit through the bodice.  

I also added 3" to the skirt (pattern states it is knee length based on 5'5", I'm 5'8"), but ended up cutting just over 1" off again.

It was also my first project using a twin needle - there is some minor tunnelling going on but I'll keep working on that!  Otherwise it provides such a nice, professional finish.


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