Soho Bandana Jessica Short
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Summer is almost over which means it's the perfect time to start a pair of shorts, right? Right.



  • decided to switch up the fabric for this after my intern brought to my attention that the way i wanted the pattern to be placed didn't go with the grainline and how you needed to lay the pattern out on my original blue choice.

    6 years ago
  • exactly how many times can you sew your seams together incorrectly? i think i maybe  set a new world record this afternoon. and also discovered why you sew by yourself: because when you make ridulously embarassing mistakes like sewing your legs holes together (what?!) no one is around to judge you.

    so then you post it on the internet so EVERYONE can judge you? guess so...

    6 years ago
  • this is what happens when you don't pay attention to where you're sewing your seams. but at the same time there's something very theraputic about using a seam ripper...

    6 years ago

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  • Lanéel commented 4 years ago

    Love your shorts!! I'll probably buy the pattern within the next minutes because of them;)

  • abitofanenthusiast commented 6 years ago

    Really, really cool.  Boo to having to restitch but hooray to a fabbo finished piece!

  • Dandelion Drift commented 6 years ago

    I love how these turned out!

    TheMissLinds replied 6 years ago

    thank you! they're super comfy too.

  • Nora commented 6 years ago

    Congratulations! Wooohoo! Finished before summer is over, lucky you.

    TheMissLinds replied 6 years ago

    fingers crossed for just enough warm weather left over...or a vacation to warmer climates!

  • Marusya Grace commented 6 years ago

    Oh I would totally wear these! Nice! And your picture with the seam ripper is great!

    TheMissLinds replied 6 years ago

    oh girl, there was SO much ripping going on! 

    Marusya Grace replied 6 years ago

    hahaha I hate those moments!

  • silke - schnittchen commented 7 years ago


  • Joëlle commented 7 years ago

    obviously ;) denying summer is over is the best wat to handle it! can;t wait to see your  shorts!

  • Tracing Threads commented 7 years ago

    Right. Always. 

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