How to Build a Vertical Garden out of Plastic Bottles
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If you want to update your garden with a new solution, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it or you have limited space for gardening purposes, then the following idea may work out for you. A vertical garden will give you more freedom in terms of said space, but it will need some work to make it happen. With the right approach you can have plenty of nice vegetables, herbs, flowers and a whole lot more. You will need to be really ready for it, so let’s get started on what you will need to make it work:



  • Before you begin you should keep in mind this is a step by step process, starting with the first move:

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  • Making the base of your garden

    You can work on the beginning by using a single soda bottle, cut around its base. You need to do the cutting under the label, somewhere around the bottom curve of the bottle itself. Using this will help you move on with stacking the bottles once you move on with the next steps. Gardening will require you to work on stacking your bottles as the job moves on. You will also need a really good potting mix. You must leave at least one inch worth of free space on the top of the cutoff bottle so you can work on easier irrigation during your gardening efforts. Tie the base of the tower to support it with twine, keeping it from falling apart. Make sure you cut holes in the bottles as well to allow plants to grow through as they develop their stems.

    Stacking multiple levels

    The next step you will need to handle is cutting the bottom from the next bottle and so forth. Remove the cap, discard it and fill the bottle with soil just like the base. Leave an inch or so of free space again and stack bottles inside each other with this setup until you have enough to work with for gardening. The tower should be just as tall as it is comfortable for you to work with.

    Working on drip irrigation

    Cut a bottle near the middle, this time a bit closer to the top and use that as a funnel for irrigation. It will help serve as a useful watering bottle. Simply drill a small hole in your bottle cap or pierce that with a nail, then put it back on. Once that is done you can place the funnel on top of your tower of bottles, pressing it into the soil and pouring water as needed during gardening.

    Planting your seeds

    Press your chosen seeds into the soil inside the bottle and make sure you provide sufficient irrigation. This will help them grow well with more than enough sunlight and air to thrive as time goes by. Read more at:

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