Honey Blouse(s)
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Honey Blouse(s) in voile 



  •  I did not follow the instructions for the neck, sleeve and waist bands. I had read a couple of reviews that mentioned the raw edges on these and when I did a quick muslin from an old sheet I worked out how I could do this differently. I attached just one side of the band and then pressed the seam allowance on the other side to the wrong side of the fabric and hand stitched that side enclosing the raw edges and giving it a much neater finish. Yes I know it won’t be seen but I know it’s there and I think it gives a more comfortable and much more professional finish.​

    5 years ago
  • I opted to lengthen the sleeves by 7" on the green top. And by 8.5″ on the grey I also shortened the sleeve bands from 14″ to 10″ on the grey top

    5 years ago

Discussion 3

  • SpaceLily commented 5 years ago

    Ahh love a bit of AMH fabric - lovely top

  • TheMissLinds commented 5 years ago

    love your pattern mix on this. beautiful top!

    Mary Emmens replied 5 years ago

    Thank you!  It was due to not having quite enough of the grey!


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