Hello embroidery my old friend
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There was a time in my life when I would do a form of embroidery every day. I did big multi month pieces and always had a piece to work on.
Over time I got out of the habit and yet it was not replaced with something of substance. Endless scrolling for inspiration on my phone oddly left no inspiration and at nights end I had achieved nothing.

So this year I decided I was going to do more. I started with some sashiko pieces and kept fairly busy but now with weeks of enforced slowing down and beautiful wonderful time with zero pressure to do anything I have found an old friend. The meditative friend of embroidery.
I had lots of pieces pre planned for the time but an unplanned one has brought possibly the most inspiration?

While I was in hospital I was lucky to have some visitors one of whom was Maria aka Velosewer. She utterly spoiled me with a bouquet of flower chocolates, an array of magazines and yummy donuts! Such treats.
The issues of the New Yorker and Frankie Mag were shared through the whole ward but I kept my issue of Mollie Makes as it had the sweetest embroidery kit attached.

This simple Scandi floral hoop was an absolute joy to stitch and I love the colour palette.
After such enjoyment I've rediscovered my embroidery stash and will be adding more projects to my ever growing to do list. The advantage here is that these can be done while watching tv and will replace the endless scrolling.

And this simple embroidery? Am going to tuck in all the excess fabric, add a circle of calico to  neaten the back and hang it above my desk as a constant source on inspiration.

Pattern: Scandi Florals Hoop Kit from Mollie Makes

Alterations: none

Fabric: included in the kit

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