Easy DIY Marbled Napkin Ring
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Learn how to make on trend Marbled Napkin Holders using FIMO soft polymer clay in this quick, easy to follow video tutorial! You’ll just need FIMO soft , a rolling pin, ruler, knife, and an oven.

  • Pick three FIMO soft colors of your choice.  Use half of each pack (approx. 1 ounce or 30 g).
  • Knead till soft. Roll each color into a long string. Put the three strings next to each other and attach by pressing them into each other. Roll together until they’re one string.
  • Twist the new string. Roll and fold. Repeat until you have a pattern you like.
  • Roll out flat with a dough roller. Thickness should be about ½ inch/10 mm for stability. Cut a piece 2 inch/5 cm x 7 inch/18 cm. Connect shorter ends and form a napkin ring. Make sure the ends are attached well (press and knead a bit to join)
  • Bake in oven for about 15 minutes at 230 F/110 C. Wait until they're cool and start using it right away.



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  • Taliema commented 7 years ago

    Love it so much. I will try to make napkin rings.


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