• Make the Trend: 5 Ways to Say "I Do" with Paper Flowers!

    2 days ago
    Tying the knot this spring our summer? Then you know that flowers and flower arrangements are ex-pen-sive. Get crafty and help offset a bit of the cost by whipping up some gorgeous paper blooms! Use them as your bouquet, or mix them in with real flowers for a cool DIY bride touch!  Down... Read More
  • Meet the Maker: DIY Raven

    4 days ago
    My name is Raven, but you maybe know me as DIY Raven, and my DIY weapons of choice are my Brother 6000i sewing machine + Janome serger!
    I keep myself inspired by scrolling through my Instagram for new me-made projects by other lovely makers in the sewing community + lurking on Pinterest... Read More
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  • Make the Trend: Sewing Fancy Pants

    1 week ago
    So you've mastered the perfect skirt and that killer dress, what's next? Why not take it up a notch and tackle a pair of stop-them-in-their-tracks pants? We've got a few great patterns, plus fantastic member-made inspiration, to keep you sewing all weekend long.  Menswear ... Read More
  • Meet the Maker: Renee from Me Made Mistakes

    2 weeks ago
    My name is Renee, but you maybe know me from my blog, Me Made Makes, and my DIY weapons of choice are my sewing machine and seam ripper.I keep myself inspired by regularly wearing my creations. Every time I do laundry, I get to reflect back on the things that I’ve made—and worn! To get new... Read More
  • Make the Trend: The Coolest Crochet

    3 weeks ago
    Crochet, it's not just for granny squares....wait, yes it is! Cool granny squares, bright coasters, functional baskets - our favorite fun and funky crochet patterns are just what your hook and yarn has been waiting for!​ Free Crochet Coasters Pattern by Rachel Cache Baskets Pattern... Read More
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  • Meet the Maker: Shawna from Troops to Tots

    3 weeks ago
    My name is Shawna, I am one of the bloggers over at Troops to Tots, and my DIY weapons of choice are my credit card (just kidding, sorta) and sewing machine.
    I first started sewing about 4 years ago, when my daughter was 18 months old. I needed something I could do at home that gave me... Read More
  • Make the Trend: Cardigan? Yes, You Can!

    4 weeks ago
    We love wrapping up in a cozy cardigan, and what we love even more is getting cozy on the couch and working up our own lovely handmade cardigans. So get comfy on the couch, grab your needles and yarn and get started on one of these ASAP! Musubi Cardigan Pattern from 6 Bits Storybooks... Read More
  • Meet the Maker: Refashioning With the Queen - Sheri Pavlovic!

    4 weeks ago
    We've been thinking a lot lately about how to lessen our impact on the environment, how to consume with care, and put more thought into our making - so of course the first person that came to mind was the Queen of Refashioning herself, Sheri Pavlovic. From her funky housewares to her cool... Read More
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  • Make the Trend: Socks For Life!

    1 month ago
    Socks are the unsung heroes of knitting and we felt like it was time for them to take their rightful place on our Must-Make list, which is why we rounded up a few of our favorite patterns - and some of your best projects - to help you get those needles moving!  A freebie - The Most... Read More
  • Meet the Maker: Shaunimagnifique

    1 month ago
    My name is Shauni, but you may know me from my blog The Magnificent Thread, and my DIY weapons of choice are a chalk tracing wheel, a sharp pair of fabric scissors and a sewing machine.
    I keep myself inspired by window shopping and browsing Pinterest, as well as keeping up to date with... Read More
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